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Every company has moments when they are faced with challenging human resources questions and decisions. What decision makers need are quick, actionable answers to human resource questions, strategic advice, and insights when it comes to executing critical HR responsibilities, such as payroll and benefits. Our HR outsourcing services range from standardized solutions to human resource consulting.

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Every Growing Organization Needs Strategic Human Resource Management Services

1-CFO provides HR  services and solutions designed to enhance business performance through investments in human capital. We can offer expert solutions and consulting regarding human resources policies and procedures, organizational review, employee salary and benefits reviews, compensation and benefits analysis.

What Can We Provide as a Human Resources Company?

As an HR outsourcing company, we offer the HR outsourcing expertise relevant small-to-medium sized organizations need. 1-CFO can provide a knowledge and experienced support team that is a call or email away to provide quick answers to common HR questions. We can provide best practice guides and support with policies and job descriptions. We can help you to develop customized employee handbooks and offer routine human resource checkups to ensure that best practices are followed.

Our HR Outsourcing Service and Consulting Enhance HR Operations and Procedures

Enhance and streamline HR functions throughout payroll, compliance, employee management and other human capital management (HCM) practices. As your new HR services provider, we will have our HR professionals evaluate payroll and the core human resources administrative process.

Our HR team can offer benefits administration analysis support, evaluate compliance reporting activities, consult on customized best-practices training and more.


Human Resources Consulting Services Available On Demand

Each work environment is unique and there will be unforeseeable situations and challenges that require expert HR support advice. Having a dedicated expert consultant team that thoroughly understands human capital management intricacies in your specific niche or industry ensures that your organization will be protected and experience continued performance.

Many new businesses do not need an in-house HR team for their daily level of HR support that includes routine HR functions and tasks like employee benefits, payroll services, risk management, regulatory compliance, employee training, workplace safely, and employee relations.  Contact us today for more information about outsourcing HR services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Human Resources Outsourcing Companies Worth It?

HR services are the most important aspect of any business. The importance of HR tasks cannot be denied, even in today's advanced technical environment. In fact, an HR department plays a crucial role in maintaining the organization's success as they work on the tasks of recruitment, orientation, performance management, career development etc.

It is an area that requires considerable attention and care in order to make sure that management does its job efficiently.

As a dedicated HR professional seeks better ways to cut time and resources wasted on administrative HR tasks, employee assistance programs, and transactions, they increasingly turn to external supplier for the best HR outsourcing services. However, it is essential to understand some key benefits of working with an external provider or professional employer organization.

These include the benefits of specialization, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, credibility, and control over time. The HR solutions provided by most HR service providers or a full service HR company are intended to help with payroll processing for a medium to small sized business, oversee accurate payroll and tax administration, adhere to federal state and local laws and regulations, establish a company culture, ensure workplace safety, and manage services such as health insurance, workers compensation, employee benefits administration, conduct workforce analytics, and oversee company talent management.

What do HR Outsourcing Companies Provide?

Specialization in HR outsourcing enables HR professionals to deal with unique and specialized clientele who have different needs and expectations. They are thus enabled to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of the organization and conduct routine HR tasks.

For example, organizations may require specialized skill knowledge and expertise when it comes to recruiting the top talent for the newly created positions. This requires HR professionals to perform and develop customized solutions that meet the specific needs of the organization. An HR outsourcing service provides organizations with cost-effectiveness at both the local and national level.

One important benefit of hiring the best HR outsourcing services is the cost factor. Businesses do not need to spend on the hiring and training of employees when they choose to outsource HR, which reduces both financial and human resources expenses.

Moreover, it also saves the costs involved with managing training and development programs for the employee population, as human resources professionals manage the training programs and activities in accordance to the needs of the organization. These cost savings can be passed on to the customers in the form of improved customer satisfaction, as satisfied customers are more likely to buy from businesses that invest in outsourcing HR needs.

Are Human Resource Management Services Needed?

When HR outsourcing service professionals specialize in the particular area of their expertise, they are better able to meet customer demands and requirements. In this way, the organizations are able to deliver personalized services and products that match the expectations and needs of the target audience.

Moreover, human resources professionals are capable of ensuring that the employees remain committed to the organization. This enables the employees to feel attached to the business at all times. As a result, the quality, and quantity of output are consistently maintained since only high quality products and services are supplied by the external HR outsourcing provider.


What is the Role of an HR Expert?

The role of HR professional contributes significantly to an organization of productivity, its people's quality of life, and its profitability. This offers several possibilities for the improvement of both individual and team development, creating it among the best jobs in the United States. Human resource professionals are usually found as executives, managing the overall HR function of a company or performing other important functions. Some of the typical positions of senior HR executives are Recruitment / Team Building Manager, Employment Counselor/HR Administrator, Recruitment Manager and HR Quality Control.

As the need for such job titles is increasing in the business world, so too is the need for relevant HR knowledge and experience to perform such roles. Such knowledge and experience may be acquired through online HR degree programs or by participating in on-the-job training. Many companies also offer short-term, paid internships to newly graduated HR specialists. Graduates with professional certifications such as the International Society of Human Resources (ISHR) Executive Search and Certified Human Resources Specialist (CHRS) may find better career opportunities on their own, or they may find better career prospects after they get hired by another company that requires these types of certifications.

The need for HR specialists is definitely on the rise because of globalization and the increasing competition among organizations. This has resulted in many organizations having a limited number of employees as compared to those in other industries. This has resulted in organizational dysfunction, ineffective working environment, and labor shortages. In the past, HR solution providers were mainly involved in recruiting new employees and training them on the work surroundings, benefits, and compensation. Today, this role is more demanding because companies have to compete with other organizations that have a much larger pool of talent.

In order for HR to be effective, the level of employee satisfaction has to be satisfactory. Satisfied workers are more productive than those who are dissatisfied with their working environment and their salaries. Furthermore, the morale of the employees is also important to an organization's success. If the morale of HR personnel is good, then the number of referrals they receive is likely to be very high. This will result to an increase in the growth rate of the organization as well as employee turnover.

Organizations should not limit the scope of HR personnel to their functions only. They should also train their HR personnel so that they can handle all the tasks that may come up in the future. Most importantly, human resource managers should be equipped with the proper knowledge and skills so that they can effectively carry out their tasks. If they lack these basic skills and knowledge, they should be able to learn them so that they can provide their employers with the best service.

Overall, the role of human resource management involves communicating well with employees, managing the performance of employees, providing good employee benefits, evaluating the productivity of employees and developing job satisfaction. Furthermore, the overall development and growth of an organization should be closely monitored by this manager. Finally, this manager should make sure that all the members of his team are aware of his functions and responsibilities. He should be available to answer any of their questions regarding their duties and functions. It is also advisable that a manager should be familiar with the latest developments in his organization so that he can provide his employers with up to date information regarding their company's policies and practices.

What are the Benefits of HR Outsourcing?

Benefits of HR outsourcing are plentiful:

  • It creates a more efficient, cost-effective workforce.
  • Gives proper, reliable employment compliance in terms of labor, immigration, and employment law, and health care.
  • Increases employee output and engagement.
  • Helps to bring in qualified, motivated workers, and reduces workforce attrition and turnover.

The advantages of deciding to outsource HR functions are so many, that no one can list them all. In terms of recruitment and training, human resources outsourcing has saved a lot of money for companies. Human resources firms specialize in this particular area of expertise, and they do it very well. Thus, by hiring them you cut costs in almost every area of your company.

HR outsourcing companies also help reduce payroll and recruiting costs. The HR outsourcing firms can manage your payroll and benefits department from the comfort of your office. They will do this job efficiently, leaving you time to focus on your core business.

You also save money and time when it comes to paying payroll. Now, if you have two staff persons to cover two different departments-human resources and payroll, you will need an accountant-to take care of the payroll administration. This makes things complicated, especially for small businesses. This is where hiring two HR personnel becomes significant. The HR personnel will take care of the payroll administration while the accountant will do the accounting.

When you outsource your payroll function, you don't have to pay any fees to HROs (Human Resource Outsourcing Service). All the fees that the HRO's charge is based on their fees, not on the services provided. The worker's compensation and benefits department, for instance, do not require any fee for this service. The benefits of this HR technology for your business will result in huge savings for you. You just need to find an experienced, reliable, and reputable service provider that offers this HR technology and you will definitely get great benefits for your business.

Another benefit that you can get by hiring an HR firm is that it helps you save money on employee experience and training. If you are thinking that hiring an HR service provider will cost you some money, you are wrong. Actually, when you will compare the price that an outsourcing firm will charge you for the employee experience and training, you will surely be shocked. Usually, it will cost you about thousands of dollars for the training and on-the-job experience of your employees. This is why many small businesses have decided to go for this kind of service when they are looking for huge cost savings.

Human Resource Performance Management Solutions

Human resources professionals also ensures that all aspects of employee relations and administrative tasks are handled effectively. These key HR services include recruitment, orientation, induction, and training of new employees, and employee benefits management.

By doing so, the process of recruitment and onboarding of employees becomes faster and smoother. In addition, human resource consulting companies are also adept at developing a culture of trust between the employees and the employers, which in turn leads to an increase in productivity.

HR outsourcing solutions from an HR outsourcing firm such as 1-CFO will leverage HR outsourcing small businesses need to stay competitively focused upon their productivity and not regulations. The traditional HR function was to leave HR processes to an internal HR staff but in general for the business process outsourcing an existing HR department streamlines and organization.

Giving employees access to professional employer organizations and services through a website or mobile app with HR software makes other common HR functions such as outsourcing payroll and other aspects of the traditional HR infrastructure more feasible.

Human Resources Consulting Companies Costs

Cost reduction is another major benefit derived from external HR outsourcing is the cost reduction that it brings to the organization. There are many emerging organizations choosing to outsource HR tasks because they can minimize the costs associated with hiring new employees.

Through effective HR outsourcing practices, the employer is able to save on training costs, operational expenses and recruitment of skilled workers. In addition to that, human resources outsourcing firms manage the entire payroll procedure including processing payroll, benefits management, and employee benefit's implementation.

In many cases, a service provider can offer an employee self-service via HR technology that provides online portals to update pertinent information. HR outsourcing reduce costs for many businesses seeking HR expertise from an HR outsourcing firm without having to hire an internal HR manager to conduct commonly outsourced HR functions for medium or small businesses.

Managing Human Resource Issues in Companies

Outsourcing human resources is thus an excellent investment for a growing organization since it helps it reduce costs, strengthen its internal operations, enhance employee relations, and build a strong reputation in the market.

The best HR outsourcing will utilize HR systems that save money while offering all the human resources functions such as employment laws, legal advice, financial services, benefits enrollment, employee well being, and other tasks that an HR specialist would do with internal HR tools.

However, before opting for HR outsourcing, it is important to understand the exact needs of the company. It is best to consult an external HR company that specializes in the particular field of your business before outsourcing human resources. Only then can you be sure that the outsourcing firm can help you in achieving your goals in the most efficient way.

Risk management is what most HR departments actually provide to large, medium and small businesses. Basics such as employee training, managing an HR system, administering benefits, and additional HR functions is what most HR specialists do. HR administration will interact with a payroll provider, offer administrative services in small companies, service as an HR representative in litigation, and apply state and federal regulations that are relevant to core business operations.

What Does Outsourcing HR Offer Growing Businesses?

If you are planning to make use of a company that offers HR outsourcing services then there are certain factors that you should consider. These factors are important as they can help you in getting the best services from the service provider. In order to make the best selection, you must first understand what these services are all about and how they can benefit your organization. This article looks closely at some of the most important factors to consider before you make a decision.

The foremost factor that you need to consider before you make use of any of the HR outsourcing companies is the number of years of expertise the company has. It is very important to select a service provider who not just has the required expertise but also has a track record in this particular field. Experience is one of the most important factors to consider as it is directly related to the benefits that you will reap in the future. When you select the companies that provide HR consulting services, you will be able to tap their past experiences in helping the organization to streamline its functions. This way, the human resource outsourcing companies will be able to offer a wide array of benefits and advantages for your organization.

When you talk of the benefits of hiring an HR outsourcing company, the first thing that strikes your mind is cost. Cost plays a very crucial role in determining which of the various HR consulting firms you should opt for.

If you want to cut on cost, you should always remember that you should only hire those that have expertise in delivering value-added services at the best possible prices. In addition, it is also important to compare the prices offered by different HR outsourcing companies so that you will be able to find one that has the lowest cost. Comparing the costs and benefits offered by different companies will ensure that you select a service provider that meets your needs at the best possible rates.

Aside from the low cost involved, the other major benefit you will receive from the best of outsourcing services will come from the perks that come with the package. Most of these outsourcing services will allow you to enjoy a number of advantages such as improved communication, reduction in training costs and greater productivity, especially when it comes to recruiting and payroll administration. Once the HR department is properly integrated into your organization, you will be able to attract top quality employees without having to invest too much in them. These employees will help to increase profitability by ensuring that the company's operations function smoothly and effectively.

Another great advantage of using an outsourced recruitment and HR management company is the fact that this type of service provider will take full responsibility of all social media accounts. Since the use of social media has become a part of a lot of businesses nowadays, it has become important for companies to keep tabs on the activities of their employees.

A good HR management company will be able to integrate all aspects of recruitment, hiring and payroll, in a comprehensive manner to ensure that the best candidates are being recruited and that the best social media strategies are implemented. This way, you can rest assured that your company's profile page on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter will not display any outdated information, outdated contact information or messages which have been deleted by the target employee.

The best of outsourcing services that small businesses can choose are those which have a full range of solutions to meet all the needs of their clients. They should also provide their clients with personalized service, which means that they should be able to respond to every client individually. A good recruitment outsourcing provider should also be able to provide their clients with the latest tools and technologies, so that every step taken will be effective and efficient. Apart from all these benefits, it is also important for small businesses to ensure that they have full control over the decision-making process.

How to Choose an HR Outsourcing Company

When you outsource, you have access to a Fortune 100-plus group of professionals who can take care of all your administrative work off site or over your entire business. A great HR outsourcing company can handle payroll, legal, staffing, and even staffing duties for international clients. They can help you manage your workforce, keep track of all the information required by legal and government agencies and keep your HR department running smoothly.


The Role of Technology in Outsourcing HR Solutions

In an age where technology is playing a large part in just about every aspect of our lives, we cannot afford to lose out on the benefits that outsourcing human resources offers. If you've ever run a business, then you know the stress that taking care of the needs of your employees can cause. You need to pay the bills, provide for their families and treat them well. If you let one person, even yourself, take care of HR outsourcing human resources, you will quickly find that you have a problem on your hands. Why risk losing a clientele when you can make the most of outsourcing these services?

You may be asking yourself how the benefits of an HR outsourcing company really play into all this. Well, think about how you could save hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars a year and how your employees would benefit from these savings. By outsourcing to a quality, reliable and experienced HR outsourcing company, you will be able to provide benefits like health and dental insurance. You would also be able to attract the very best talent available to you.

It is important to remember, though, that you have to be an HR outsourcing company that provides value to your clientele. You need to have a solid reputation as an employer to truly win the trust of these people. You need to show that you are not only able to manage human resources, but also have the knowledge to keep them. You want to know that when it comes time to hire new employees, they will feel comfortable working for you because you took the time to fully understand their needs and wants. This way, you can focus more on the things that matter most to your clients.

Perhaps one of the most attractive benefits of hiring a full-service HR outsourcing company is that you won't have to worry about compliance. These services typically have established and compliant processes that can meet the needs of any size business. So, if yours does not yet meet full-service requirements, don't assume anything.


A Virtual HR Professional is What Many Organizations Really Need

Instead, work with a professional that can help you determine what your current procedures are, and whether you need to do anything else. In most cases, a number of these types of services are capable of fulfilling all compliance needs and will remain fully compliant in order to offer you great service. If they do not, at least you will know it was covered.

While many small businesses struggle with employee satisfaction, it doesn't have to be that way. For affordable services that you can depend on, and one that allow you to keep compliance levels up with regulatory standards, there is no better option than to work with a quality HR outsourcing company. You will be able to focus on running your business rather than having to deal with potentially troublesome employees. This way, your business owners can focus on the things that matter most to them, while they are given the tools they need to run their businesses effectively and fairly.


Outsourcing HR Services is the Next Trend in the New Economy

HR outsourcing describes the process of contracting an external organization to perform some or all of the business s various HR functions and responsibilities. When most business owners or HR experts think of outsourcing, they envision who will be outsourcing, how much should be outsourced, what functions will be outsourced, and who should outsource it. However, there are several questions that need to be asked before outsourcing any specific HR function.

Questions like these can help determine if an outsourcing decision is the right one for a business. For instance, when deciding whether to outsource HR functions such as retirement planning, employee benefits, or employee safety training, companies must ask themselves if they can still do the same or better job with the help of an external HR company. Another important question to ask before deciding to outsource is the extent of the HR function's problems, if any, with the new HR outsourcing company, and what the HR company can do to improve upon those problems.

An in-house HR department, however, may not be able to provide employees with the level of personalized service that a distant third-party HR outsourcing company can. Before deciding to outsource employee benefits services, companies should ask themselves if they can afford to retain and train their own in-house HR staff. If the answer is yes, then it may be more cost-effective to hire an outside third-party HR provider instead. Employee benefits providers have many advantages over in-house HR staff, including access to a large database of benefits information, dedicated human resources personnel, and access to medical records. Outsourcing benefits companies by allowing them to tap into these resources and offer employees more options and coverage.

HR outsourcing also refers to any activity in which an employer does not personally employ human resources personnel and does not outsource recruiting. For example, it could be any number of activities such as retirement planning and employee recruitment. Outsourcing this function allows employers greater control over who it chooses to hire for these tasks. If an employer cannot decide upon the best person for a position, or if it is simply unwilling or unable to do so, then it might be wise to outsource this responsibility. A third-party HR company can take on some or all of these tasks for an employer.

Recruiting is another common task handled by HR outsourcing companies. Typically, when companies hire a new employee, they rely on their existing network of colleagues and friends to help find candidates. However, in order to get the same results from this process, HR outsources recruiters are needed to locate qualified candidates on their own behalf, conduct the interview, and evaluate them before bringing the newest employee into the office.

One of the greatest benefits of hiring an outside firm to provide human resources outsourcing services is cost reduction. Human resources outsourcing reduces the need for employees within an organization. Because it is a specialized service, HR outsourcing providers typically charge a higher hourly rate than many others. Moreover, these services do not have to be rendered on a daily basis, unlike administrative services organizations. The cost savings from hiring an outside firm for administrative functions far offset the additional expense of hiring a human resources outsourcing provider.

Another area where HR outsourcing has become particularly useful is in business owners' efforts to improve employee relations. When employees are happy and productive, there is a much higher likelihood that productivity and company revenue will increase. By hiring an outside firm to perform administrative tasks such as record keeping and applicant tracking, business owners can reduce the amount of time spent fulfilling tedious duties and concentrate more time on creating relationships with employees.

Common benefits of outsourcing employee relations include: avoiding the expense of hiring additional personnel, reducing the cost of hiring new talent, saving time spent interviewing and training new applicants, and increasing employee retention and motivation. Outsourcing this type of service is especially useful for small businesses that lack the time, expertise, and other organizational resources required to effectively manage their employee relations policies and practices. Business owners who outsource their employee relations can focus on their core business activities, leaving time and money to increase revenues.

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