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Our Virtual CFO Services Will Maximize Your Business Performance

Our expert virtual CFO support will help you to effectively understand and implement the most effective financial strategies for your organization. We can provide a free evaluation of your organizational needs and create a personalized proposal that fits within your budget. Contact us for a quote today!

Full Strategic Organizational Finance Support With 1-CFO's Outsourced CFO Services

We can help you to identify the factors preventing organizational growth and streamline your budget while identifying future opportunities for financial success. Our clients comprise of startups and small businesses that are growing and need reliable virtual CFO services, and expanding mid-sized businesses who are looking for ways to optimize performance through expert financial management and strategy development.

Our CFO Consulting Services Will Maximize Business Growth

A key part of our virtual CFO consulting services is to create financial strategies and models specifically designed to increase cash flow, reduce overspending, and improve profitability. Our consulting includes elements ranging from customer cohort analysis to sales efficiency (LTV:CAC).

Our CFO Services for Small to Medium Sized Businesses Increase Financial Control

Imagine the peace of mind knowing that you have a professional financial dashboard designed and managed by an expert virtual CFO, providing you with accurate forecasts and budgets. 24/7 access to reliable data that you can quickly review at any moment to measure your company’s progress.


Get the Professional CFO Advisory Services You Need to Expand Your Organization

Our virtual CFO solutions create personalized financial strategies based upon your specific business needs. We can help you to establish the financial infrastructure and systems needed to streamline budgets and set your organization up for growth. Request a quote today!

Fine-Tune Your Organization

Our CFO services will help you bring your organization's performance to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are CFO Advisory Services?

A virtual CFO is an outsourced professional services provider that provides high-level financial expertise, just as a chief financial officer normally does for mid-size and larger businesses. Typically, a virtual CFO can be either an individual or an organization. Virtual CFO's are adept at conducting financial, strategic, risk management, asset analysis, and other business functions required to support a company's operations. In addition, they have broad expertise in many business sectors, including banking, insurance, securities, health care, communications, technology, and government, just to name a few.

Outsourcing is a growing trend among small business owners looking to reduce costs and maximize efficiency. By outsourcing certain business functions such as finance and human resources typically administrated by a chief financial officer, business owners can free up their staff for other operational purposes. These individuals are independent contractors that typically work on a contract basis. These consultants have a variety of tasks they can perform, from helping with accounting and personnel issues to assisting with mergers and acquisitions, lead generation, consulting, marketing, customer service, and more.

Do You Offer Part Time CFO Services?

Yes, essentially the outsourced CFO services we provide are the same - if not better than - what you might get from a part-time CFO. The cost savings associated with outsourced virtual CFO services for small business are immediately evident when you consider the cost of maintaining in-house accounting, bookkeeping staff or hiring a chief financial officer. This requires paying wages to employees, providing benefits, and providing workplace accommodations.

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In most cases, you will also need to hire temporary employees to manage your accounting processes. In addition, maintaining your own payroll system is not inexpensive, especially if you have several employees and multiple locations. Lastly, outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping functions will allow you to concentrate on the more critical aspects of your business, such as marketing, sales, and growing your customer base. Leave the preparation of financial statements, financial processes and financial reporting to a virtual chief financial officer.

In most cases, a full time CFO to administrate financial processes and financial planning so that you can focus upon creating a more profitable business.

What are the Best Outsourced CFO Services to Consider?

Many small businesses use outsourced virtual CFO solutions, in order to free up valuable time for the owner or CEO. Virtual bookkeepers, accounting software techs, and payroll administrators can take advantage of a variety of time-saving options that eliminate the need for a full-time position. You may also save thousands of dollars in administrative costs over the life of the contract by delegating specific roles to a service provider like 1-CFO.

The most critical advantage of outsourcing your accounting needs to a qualified and experienced virtual CFO consulting services company is that you can delegate management and decision-making responsibilities only to the appropriate officers. This results in increased productivity, better communication, and reduced cost by lowering the number of personnel needed to handle the day-to-day accounting functions.

You can also save money by avoiding the high fees that are typical for controller positions or a service provider. The controller typically receives a fixed salary, but you can receive a substantially higher pay rate by hiring a specialized CFO whose services include financial reporting and operational support, rather than hiring a generalist or a controller who would charge you more.

Outsourcing financial operations to a quality finance team or financial expert with the capacity to offer national or global CFO strategies will enhance your business decisions and mitigate your fixed costs. The first starting point for most small companies is realizing that in many cases you don't need a full time employee to prepare tax returns prepare a balance sheet, or manage the different systems required in make the right decisions for your organization.

Advantages of Accounting Firm CFO Services

Another advantage to using a virtual CFO service is the ability to receive accounting reports and assessments quickly and easily from any location. Instead of having to maintain a heavy office space dedicated to your business affairs, you can use modern technology to outsource your financial analysis needs, employee hiring, and other business needs.

The virtual CFO services company you work with will provide your business with an organized system that allows you to receive pertinent reports, asset information, and employee information through a variety of online reporting and management platforms.

Do You Include CFO Accounting Services

Yes, we certainly can include accounting services. Many small businesses are opting for outsourced CFO accounting services, in order to free up valuable time for the owner or CEO. Virtual bookkeepers and payroll administrators can take advantage of a variety of time-saving options that eliminate the need for a full-time position. You may also save thousands of dollars in administrative costs over the life of the contract by delegating specific purpose of services to a professional service firm.

Should I Look for CFO Services Near Me?

In light of the 2020 pandemic, many businesses were forced to adapt to new measures that involved work-from-home situations for most staff. New technologies and services have quickly evolved to embrace such situations and anymore it does not really matter if your team lives in the same area, across the country or even in a different country. What matters the most is competence, productivity, and effectiveness. This is what 1-CFO provides as one of the top CFO services companies in the USA.

It may be necessary to hire additional staff to handle financial management functions when you outsource virtual CFO services to a CFO firm. However, the advantage of hiring a professional financial manager is that he or she will have specific expertise in related areas, such as employee benefits, employee compensation, and human resources administration. This will allow the firm to focus on its core business functions and provide better overall management and control. A financial manager should have an extensive background in finance, accounting, insurance, economics, banking, payroll, information technology, and other relevant fields. A large company may be able to outsource its financial management needs to multiple companies, but small or medium sized companies cannot afford to do this.

One thing to remember when outsourcing your financial management functions is to select a partner that is experienced and proficient at what they do. There are many vendors that offer virtual CFO services to assist companies in realizing their business goals. Most of these companies operate separately from larger firms and operate independently of their clients. Although they may offer similar sounding board services and advice, there are key differences between these two types of vendors. In order to receive the most value for your dollar, the most logical solution for a small business is to outsource to a reputable and experienced third party. By doing so, you are giving yourself the ability to build a team of highly skilled experts that are willing to listen to your needs and provide a customized solution to meet them.

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